People is transforming how contracting works, making it better for everyone.

We believe that contracting should be simple, clear and rewarding. It’s our mission to give you the best experience through your entire working journey. From onboarding and compliance, to job notifications,  how you are paid and your benefits.

Getting paid the People Pay way makes work simple and rewarding. Instead of getting paid through an Umbrella or a personal services company you get paid by us. This means you’re on full PAYE.

PAYE. Simply better.

Paye with People Pay gives you the same benefits as a permanent employee, such as

Continuity of employment

Statutory employment rights

Clear and simple payslips

But you still have all the flexibility you love about contracting.

As Easy as….


You are on full PAYE

  • Holiday & pension

  • Continuity of employment

  • Statatory employment rights


More rewarding

  • No fee

  • Instant pay options

  • Exclusive benefits & training


It is simple

  • Easy payslips

  • Manage everything via app

  • 100% compliant – no risks

The app that makes work easy

The People app gives you complete control over all aspects of your work.

Your Money. Your Way.

One of the downsides of flexible working is the unpredictable pay patterns. People Pay gives you the option to take your wages on completion of individual assignments through our Anytime Wages Service.

My Wallet Benefits for Contractors

You work hard so you deserve to be rewarded

We love to reward our contractors. That’s why we offer a great range of additional benefits through our unique MyWallet package. The scheme is based on a simple points system where you earn points each time you are paid which can then be used to redeem the rewards you want, when you want them.

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