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Colin Joined People Group in October 2019 to strengthen a growing business development team. With a number of years of experience in the recruitment industry he is based in the South East with particular focus on our London based clients. To discover more about our new member of the team we asked Colin the questions below – some more serious than others! 

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The technology side of things. Really stood out as forward thinking, and plans to move the industry forward.
Great training in regard to legislation in the industry from PayStream. Worked for a company that champions educating children in entrepreneurship from an early age. My last role reminded me of the importance of persistence.
Offering people unique solutions to their problem that genuinely makes them better off and they didn’t know was available to them.
Listening, I like to take a consultative approach to business. The best outcome is when everyone gets what they need/want.
Growth and change. The industry has been doing the same things for such a long time, it’s great to be able to offer something different. I would like to be a part of that change.
I’ve actually recently started a hobby I’ve always wanted to take up, woodwork. Outside of that I like to study history and ancient cultures.
Something that involves hot weather and beaches no doubt. How about… Baywatch Lifeguard.
Hard one. How about Will Smith? Cause everyone loves Will Smith.
Challenges and opportunities are the same. The ever-changing legislation this gives us the opportunity to do something different.
Everyone goes out of their way to ensure you have everything you need to succeed, because they genuinely want you to. If there are any barriers, they’re willing to listen and change things to remove them.
Tough one, but I think I’d like the ability to change into anyone and have their powers like Mystique.
Not sure, but maybe a plane ticket to go see a loved one they had not seen in years who was ill.
Dolphin, friendly, problem solving and social (well sometimes)

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