The best and worst parts

Working from home, it has its ups and downs. Whether that be a conference call in the kitchen while teaching your kids, or answering emails from the comfort of your bed. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it. Three weeks on from office lockdown we asked our staff to come up with what they thought were the best and worst parts of working from home. The results were varied, from some questionable perks to some entertaining dilemmas, here’s what we found.

What do we like?

He likes...

Colin, Sales

Not having to make myself all beautiful for meetings! 


Flutra, Finance

I can eat, watch TV and work at the same time!


Karen, Client Care

Nothing, I hate it!

The best bit?

Kam, Sales

NO travel, as soon as I log-off I am home!

Sounds good...

Martin, Payroll

The view from the window is better and I can listen to rock music all day!


Russell, Finance

Seeing my baby boy when I need a break.


Joli, Client Care

Being within the same walking distance from the kettle and the toilet.

The little things...

Paul, Marketing

Drinking superior tea!

'Lovely weather'...

Josh, Marketing

Not having to make small-talk while waiting for the kettle to boil!

Too efficient?!

Steve, Payroll

The thing I most like about working from home is ease of access to the kettle. It’s very efficient.

The thing I least like about working from home is working while brewing coffee. It’s too efficient.

What don’t we like?

What do you do?

Josh, Marketing

Trying to explain to family what I actually do for a living (apparently all I do is swear under my breath and colour things in).

Social contact...

Tom, Finance

Lack of daily conversation.


Ben, Client Care

Not having anyone to talk to (distract), so it can be quite lonely! Luckily I have the radio keeping me sane!

Not the only one..

Colin, Sales

The snacking… I’m going to be double the size by the time the lock down is lifted.

Same four walls...

Karen, Client Care

The thing I least like about working from home is working on a laptop, being in the same space all the time from when I get up to when I go to bed. The fact that my house is busy with adults all doing fun things and I can’t because I’m working.


Kam, Sales

I can’t sneak off for drinks after work when I am “working late”.


Martin, Payroll

No banter and I have to clean my own office!

That's no good...

Steve, Payroll

Working while brewing coffee. It’s too efficient!

Another one...

Russell, Finance

Trying to resist eating my stockpile!

Our favourite response...

Sam, HR

The thing I least like about working from home is…  not much social contact. My husband
has moved out and Alf Garnett has moved in. I am just wondering if going through the
menopause is enough for me to get away with murder. Not to mention, I have never noticed
how loudly he blinks before now.