Contingent workers on the increase

A recent Workforce HR Survey found 70% of end-hirers already use contingent or flexible labour in some form or another, be it freelancers, temporary or agency workers. Important to note is that those HR managers surveyed anticipate that the work completed by contingent workers within their organisations will increase on average by 179% over the next 10 years.

Deloite forecast by 2020 a third of the UK workforce will be part of the ‘contingent’ economy.

Huge potential for growth for recruiters

For recruiters of contingent workers this offers huge potential for growth but to balance this increase in demand with falling margins, recruiters need to embrace transformational technology.

Studies have shown that out-dated approaches and lack of technology currently leads to recruiters taking anything up to 35 minutes to fill one assignment, disastrous on a busy temp desk.

If recruiters are working without a comprehensive workforce management system it will prevent them from meeting the high demands and speed associated with on-demand staffing.

Optimising fill rates

When you start looking at optimising recruiters fill rates it goes without saying the answer is to arm recruiters with a powerful workforce software solution. One that allows them to fill multiple assignments instantaneously. True competitive advantage can be gained if that software in turn uses intelligent automation to select workers according to predetermined requirements of end-hirers.

It’s this powerful optimisation of a recruiter’s talent pool that will provide them with a key advantage in a time when the shortage of available workers is becoming ever increasingly acute.

Using one system to maximise the talent pool

By redeploying and keeping workers proactively engaged within their own ecosystem, recruiters can maximise retention and growth.

Selecting one end-to-end platform to manage and streamline will be the key to significant growth, reducing the burden of administrative tasks, creating transparent audit trails and optimising productivity. Whilst simultaneously increasing worker engagement through one integrated easy to use app.

Every process involved in a workers working life available at the touch of a button.