Total transparency with People Umbrella

With the spotlight firmly trained on Umbrella Companies in some part due to IR35 being extended to the private sector, we’d like to reassure our clients of our credentials, particularly for our ‘People Umbrella’ payroll product.

People Umbrella is an externally audited and approved company that employs thousands of workers. We are 100% UK owned, directed and operated and 100% of billings and disbursements remain in the UK (absolutely no funds leave the UK at any point). The directors are U.K. based individuals and we do not condone the use of non U.K. directors or companies.

We do not take advantage of the increased Class 1 National Insurance threshold allowances for small limited companies, or the Flat Rate VAT scheme. Both synonymous with ‘mini umbrellas’. We use U.K. PAYE software, all candidates are employed under one company with taxes paid under one UK PAYE reference number. Our company is audited annually by Bishop Fleming Chartered Accountants and by Professional Passport.
People Umbrella is completely fit for purpose and in line with the recent IR35, MSC and Agency Standards Legislation and consistent with the Criminal Finances Act 2017 and the Onshore/offshore Intermediaries Act 2014.

Transparent alternative to Umbrella Payroll

For agencies wanting to take a look at alternative methods of payment for your contracting workforce People Group do offer a non-umbrella HMRC reviewed option. People PEO has grown in popularity over the past few years. Particularly beneficial in VAT sensitive markets and totally transparent. An outsourced PAYE solution with Joint Employment options and huge cash flow and contractor loyalty benefits.

If you would like to discuss People Umbrella payroll or alternatives please do get in touch.

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Approved Umbrella stamp
Approved Umbrella stamp