Leading transformation in recruitment

People Group Services has been awarded a place on the ESPO MSTAR3 Framework* for Managed Services Provision to the public sector for Talent Pool Technology. The Framework makes it easier for public sector organisations to find partners who’ll reliably deliver quality and value for money. So, apart from a good news promotional story, why is this important?

Like a lot of big shifts in technology there are many false dawns before something real happens. But when it does happen, it’s fast and unstoppable. That’s where we are with the world of temporary contingent work.

So, let’s look at what has happened. People is a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that helps employers attract, pre-screen, deploy, manage and pay contingent workers directly. It’s a Digital First. Rebuilding and optimising the whole process, from talent pool and vetting to compliance and payroll. All delivered through one seamless experience.

“When a respected Public Sector Framework awards a place to a ‘Digital First’ solution, innovation becomes mainstream. It’s an inflection point filled with opportunities and threats for employers and recruiters of contingent workers.” says David Stone, Head of Technology at People.

We all know the facts.

Contingent work is fast becoming the most favoured option for both employers and workers.

The powerful computers we carry around in our pockets have empowered us like never before.

But the processes that manage contingent workers haven’t changed. They’re still paper-based, laborious and slow. They simply don’t fit how we work today.

Nobody disputes these facts, we’ve read countless articles about what all of this could mean for recruiters, employers and workers. This MSTAR award demonstrates that we’ve moved out of theory and into practice. It means that a new, digital first, way to manage the whole contingent worker journey is here. Employer and contingent worker expectations will change. A seamless, safe, digitally-led user experience won’t be the exception, it’ll be the standard.

Changing the game.

“Change will be driven by workers themselves. As contingent work has become more popular, simplifying and optimising the processes is a priority.” comments David Stone, “When you make work easy and efficient, it becomes a point of difference for employers”

People used to judge employers based on reputation, salary and benefits. And, of course, they still apply. But there’s a new variable. The user experience. How you recruit, onboard, engage and pay workers will be an extension of your employer brand. If your tech is clunky, the experience will be clunky. If it’s fast, responsive and simple, that’s how workers will see you.

The time is now.

“People’s MSTAR Award demonstrates that employers and workers are embracing this new world. Not just in theory, but in practice,” says David Stone.

There’ll be more choice, flexibility and opportunity for everyone involved with contingent work. But success isn’t guaranteed.

Like every other sector that has been disrupted in the past, we’ll see winners and losers. For every Netflix, there’ll be a Blockbuster. It’s time to build a new way for contingent workers. To use technology to make it easy and rewarding for everyone. This brave new world isn’t a theory or a possibility. It’s the here and now, and yesterday’s solutions just won’t cut it anymore. Now is the time to act.

*ESPO is a public sector owned professional buying organisation (PBO), specialising in providing a wide range of goods and services to the public sector for over 35 years. They offer over 25,000 catalogue products, 120 frameworks and bespoke procurement services. To find out more about ESPO, their frameworks, services and procurement advice: www.espo.org