People Pay is the safe, simple and rewarding payroll solution for contingent workers. The best contractor experience that protects your business and drives productivity.

What problem does it solve?

It’s time for contingent worker pay to be truly transparent and risk-free for everyone. HMRC and employers have turned against tax-based pay models. People Pay is a new approach that’s clear, simple and encourages contractor engagement and loyalty.

How does People Pay work?

Step 1

A new way to pay

People Pay isn’t a tax-based model. It is a Professional Employment Organisation solution (PEO), popular in the US with over 150,000 firms employing workers through a PEO.

People Pay puts your contingent workers on full PAYE. It’s as simple as that. Their payslip is straightforward and transparent, they know exactly how much they’re getting paid. Meanwhile, the entire supply chain is protected. Contractors get the same statutory benefits as permanent employees along with an exclusive range of ongoing rewards like CPD training, high-street, health and gym discounts and Anytime Wages.

Step 2

On demand Pay technology

People Pay’s PEO solution is built on the most advanced mobile platform. Everything is managed through the app, so contractors can see their hours worked, payslips and access their benefits including wages on demand. When it comes to payroll, People Pay is the best candidate experience.

Step 3

Make pay more rewarding

People Pay gives contractors more. With Anytime Wages, they can get paid immediately, as soon as they finish a shift at a touch of a button on the app. People Pay also offers exclusive discounts on high street brands, CPD training and professional development. It’s all on their app, in the palm of their hands.

Engagement from every perspective

Behind the scenes, People Pay joins everyone up and provides recruiters and hirers with a real-time overview and insights.


  • Safe pay with statutory benefits and ongoing loyalty and rewards package

  • Easy to use app to manage all pay and access to My Wallet rewards package


  • Complete supply chain transparency

  • Increased candidate engagement and reduced complexity


  • Completely compliant audit trail

  • The best candidate experience reinforces employer brand and engagement


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