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Outsourced Payroll

People Group Services provide a range of outsourced payroll options including Umbrella payroll, PEO payroll, PAYE payroll and more. All designed to deliver the best contractor experience across a range of different industries and roles. Imparting our years of knowledge and experience, we work with our business partners to create efficiencies and support business growth.

We’ve led the way on industry best practice and compliance for the past 15 years and have successfully provided Umbrella payroll and PEO payroll to thousands of contractors in that time.

View our payroll options below and contact us if you have any questions.

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My Wallet employee benefits; making pay more rewarding. From discounts on big name brands to free career development courses.

The full My Wallet benefits package is available as part of our payroll options where you see this symbol.

People Group payroll options

People PEO

Ideal for contractors working across a wide range of industries and those caught by IR35.

Made popular in the US some 30 years ago, we brought PEO payroll to the UK in 2017 and have been successfully paying thousands of contractors on PEO payroll ever since.

We knew the benefits; cash flow, transparency, contractor satisfaction to name just a few. It’s why we invested in bringing it to the UK. And since we’ve been using PEO, the feedback from both agencies and contractors has been excellent.

In light of IR35, Travel & Subsistence being removed, The Criminal Finances Act, The Taylor Review… (the list goes on), transparency has never been more important for the recruitment industry and the supply chains that support it. PEO gives you transparency.

Contractors are on full PAYE. They pay no fee. They don’t have any employer deductions on their payslip. It’s a winner right from the start. When you factor in the huge potential cash flow savings and the gains versus Umbrella payroll, we recommend taking a look at PEO payroll now.

All tax contributions paid at source

Full benefits package

Plain and simple PAYE

Contractor portal

Agency cash flow savings

Free for contractors

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What is a PEO?


People Umbrella

Suitable for a wide range of workers in many different industries. Umbrella payroll provides a reliable platform for your workers to be paid.

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of the Umbrella payroll model. It’s been around for quite some time. Here at People Group we’ve processed more than 10 million umbrella payslips over the past 14 years, so we know what we’re doing.

As an outsourced alternative to agency PAYE, umbrella payroll gives you the freedom to concentrate on your business without the additional admin of paying extra people. It’s also a good option in light of the impending IR35 changes for any PSC contractors that are caught.

With the People Umbrella solution your contractors will be employed by us directly. We’ll ensure that all payments are fully compliant and take care of all statutory obligations. Your contractors will get friendly and reliable help and advice and access to a set of unique benefits.

If you’re thinking of Umbrella payroll make sure you’ve considered the PEO payroll option also.

All tax contributions paid at source

Full benefits package

Professional insurances

Contractor portal

Statutory payments

Work based pension & holiday pay

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People CIS

Suitable for those working self-employed in the construction industry.

People CIS takes away all the burdens of administration and paperwork to allow our self-employed workers to simply get on with their contract role.

Construction Industry Scheme or CIS as it’s more commonly referred to, is a service launched by HMRC for genuinely self-employed workers working within construction.

Making life very simple for you, we invoice the agency or end clients on your behalf, produce your pay advice and pay you directly.  All CIS taxes deducted are submitted and paid over to HMRC for you.

If you need to register for CIS, or have any general questions relating to your registration you can contact HMRC’s dedicated team on 0300 200 3210. You’ll still need to complete your self-assessment tax return at the end of the year.

All tax contributions paid at source

Full benefits package

Contractor portal

Professional insurances

Guaranteed income

Gross status

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People PSC

Suitable for high earners who are not under any supervision, direction or control.

Contracting through your own Limited Company is often the most tax efficient payment vehicle available to higher earners. If you fall outside of IR35 and SDC regulations, People PSC can be the preferred option to maximise your take-home pay while remaining fully compliant.

As Ltd Company Director, you will usually need to hire an accountant to assist in the set up and administration of the company. People PSC can provide a full accounts service along with support and advice every step of the way.

People PSC will pro-actively monitor and assist your Limited Company with any financial opportunities and offer guidance on legislation and compliance. Whether you currently have an established Limited company or are new to contracting, we can offer a total accounts service.

All tax contributions paid at source

24/7 easy to use portal

FREE company registration

FREE self-assessment

Low cost fixed monthly fee

Full accountancy support & advice

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My Wallet Employee Benefits

Making pay more rewarding

If you sign up with People Group you’ll get access to one of the best benefits packages available to contractors.

My Wallet is a points based rewards scheme where you earn points every time you are paid. Points can be redeemed for the benefits that you want, be it professional development courses, our popular Taste Cards, rebates on shopping or even cash in your pay.

Along with a weekly contribution into a loyalty fund, paid out as a bonus in December*, you’ll also receive discounts and savings on fitness, family activities and holidays. The Anytime Wages service gives contractors the facility to have some of their wages before pay day. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, funds are typically paid within the hour*.


The full My Wallet benefits package is available alongside our payroll options where you see this symbol:

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