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If you’re feeling let down by your current umbrella company get in touch with People Group today and we promise you’ll never look back. Choose from ‘Contractor’ or ‘Agency’ below and we’ll make contact at the right time for you.

You can find out more about the benefits of becoming part of People Group below and our response to the Coronavirus pandemic further down the page.

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It’s no secret that thousands of contractors have been let down in recent weeks when it comes to receiving their pay. But at People Group we think differently. We put you first, because you are our business.

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If you’re feeling let down by your payroll provider right now, let us show you a better way. We will always put your contractors first, and while we look after them, you’ll be free to focus on developing your business.

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A simple solution to getting paid

We interviewed our CEO, Terry Hillier, to understand more about the current crisis, the experiences of other contractors and how simple it is to switch payroll providers. Watch our 5 minute video to find out more.

Benefits of working with People Group

We could talk about, statutory benefits and 99.9% payroll accuracy all day long, but these things should come as standard when it comes to pay. We’ve bullet pointed some features/benefits below, most of which you can get from a number of reputable payroll providers.

But we are different. (It’s all in the name!). We are People.

And that’s what you’ll get. People with knowledge, people with passion, people who care and people that you can rely on when times are tough.

Feature/Benefit Standard Optional Extra with PEO
Friday payday before 9am Yes
Access to statutory benefits Yes
Work based pension & holiday pay Yes
Professional insurances Yes
Unique benefits package Yes
24/7 webchat and portal Yes
Anytime wages service Yes
Regular updates and industry insights Yes
No fee Yes
Simple & transparent payslip Yes
No paying Employer costs/liabilities Yes
Complete clarity with CJRS Yes
What is a PEO?
My Wallet Benefits for Contractors

Points based rewards that give contractors a choice of benefits. Everything from a free salary advance to discounts on highstreet shops.

My Wallet Benefits

Coronavirus response

For hundreds of thousands of agency workers right across the country the past few weeks have been particularly worrying. The pandemic is concern enough, but not knowing if you are going to be paid on top, we wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

And that was our starting point right from the beginning. What if it was me?

Led by our managing director Terry Hillier from day 1 we digested the information and formulated immediate plans and responses to ensure our contractors were paid. It wasn’t easy, but it was the right thing to do.

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People Group leading on furlough

With thousands of furloughed workers successfully paid, find out how People Group have provided a lifeline for contractors.

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Umbrella’s need to ACT NOW

Over half a million contractors are still waiting for their furlough pay. Why are so many umbrella companies failing to step up?

Press release



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