Advice and guidance from recruitments’ finest leaders

When times are tough, experience matters and who better to listen to than some of recruitments’ greatest minds. Based on our series of ‘People Talk’ interviews, we gathered together the most insightful tips shared by our industry leaders. Calling on decades of knowledge they show how adversity can be leveraged into opportunities for your business.

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“It can be overwhelming if you look at it as a brick wall. You have to say, which brick am I going to attack first? How do I prioritise these challenges? Which gives me the most breathing space to continue to develop and grow my business and get the biggest returns from my business?”

Dean Kelly
Founder & CEO of RealiseMe and Co-founder of RDLC

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An option for everyone

When it comes to pay, accuracy and reliability are always top of the list, and we’ve got that covered. 99.9% accuracy spanning nearly 15 years. The question is, which payroll option is right for you? Whether it’s the new PEO model or the industry norm of Umbrella, People Group can help. Take a look at the payroll options below and if you have any questions, contact us.


People Compliance

Digitised on-boarding process from pre-employment screening through to real-time compliance renewals.

On-boarding is critical to any hirer of contingent workers. But it’s also time-consuming, often paper-based and a hassle for everyone. It can take weeks to get a contractor cleared and ready for placement. People Compliance changes all of that.