Marginal gains have driven cycling for years, making Sir Dave Brailsford the latest sports coach to transfer his methodology across to the business world. The thinking’s simple. If you make a 1% improvement in a whole host of areas, you deliver a big gain on the bottom line.

Did you know that Team Sky cyclists take their own pillows on tour to guarantee that their neck is supported how they like? It’s this type of thinking that delivers marginal gains. Looking wider and deeper at all of the elements that drive performance.

And there’s never been a better time to look at how recruitment businesses can benefit from marginal gains.

A McKinsey Global Institute study suggests that by 2020 there are going to be 16 to 18 million more vacancies in Europe and North America for University educated workers than workers available. While it’s also predicted that by 2020, 50% of the American workforce will be ‘flexible’ with European figures reflecting a similar trend. When you throw in the pressure of reduced margins, compliance clampdowns, frameworks and fasted finger first placements, the landscape facing recruiters can seem overwhelming challenging.


How can recruiters use marginal gains to increase their fill rate?

What if your fill to vacancy rate increased while your administrative overheads fell? What if you could get new contractors out to work quicker? What if the churn rate of your contractors reduced and they remained loyal and engaged? If you delivered marginal gains in all of these areas, it’d make a big difference.


At People Group, we bake marginal gains into every solution.

While developing People Engage our focus was on fill to vacancy rates. How could we use technology to help fast-paced temporary recruitment desks fill every vacancy and deploy every qualified, interested and available contractors on their books?

For the most part recruiters on time-pressured desks tend to utilise only a fraction of their available workers. Favouring those they have established relationships with, who are on top of their go to list. Think about the unfulfilled potential on talent pools.

People Engage is a proactive platform. Unlike a static Workforce Management System or Recruitment CRM, People Engage actively searches a recruiter’s talent pool and matches jobs with qualified, available workers. It selects and ranks them and can then contact contractors with the available role and manage the placement. The recruiter’s in control at all times, but People Engage does the work.

It’s a shift from passive to proactive recruitment. Building live talent pools that implement proactive recruitment tactics at a touch of a button.

From the contractor’s perspective, it’s just easy. They accept their role on the People Engage app and it’s all managed from there. Checking in, on-boarding, compliance, timesheets, pay and rewards. All made simple, clear and transparent.

Just think about the marginal gains. Searching the whole talent pool and automating matching deliver serious time-saving efficiencies. Making it as easy as possible for contractors will increase engagement and loyalty. People Engage delivers marginal gains across a whole range of measurements that all translate into one big competitive advantage for recruiters.