People Group are delighted to announce that at 1pm today (Thursday 30 July) we have received an HMRC furlough update. This confirms that we are able to continue furloughing our contractors and making furlough payments throughout the Summer.

People Group CEO Terry Hillier, currently on his family holiday who has tirelessly lobbied for further guidance from the government, said:

“This is brilliant news for thousands of our contractors who can now continue to receive their furlough payments throughout the summer, and for People Group. We’d worked hard on an alternative to ensure payments would have continued anyway, but that carried with it a considerable cost to our business. This update is the news we’ve all been waiting for and makes the process so much simpler for everyone.

“We do still await the formal confirmation letter from HMRC but are confident to be able to proceed with the update we’ve already received.”

For all affected contractors, there is no action required. Furlough payments will continue as before with full details available via your online portal.

People Group had expected to receive the HMRC confirmation last Friday 24 July, but when that didn’t appear we swiftly moved to an alternative plan to ensure contractors were paid. These plans are no longer required and will save the business thousands of pounds.

HMRC furlough update (response)

(We have extracted the relevant bits from the document and all names and communication details have been removed as per HMRC publicity requirements)

We are an employer of supply teachers to the education sector via an agency. Schools are now on summer break and the contractors/teachers would not normally be working or paid.

The Teachers and Unions say they are entitled to be paid (once previously eligible) under the Furlough/CJRS. Can you tell me if we can pay and claim for these contractors?

These supply teachers are on zero-hour contracts and have been on furlough/CJRS to last week of term. Can they be paid during the summer period and can we as the employer reclaim the 80% figure back? In this case for August we understand that we will be liable for the employers’ costs over and above the 80% payment.

Extract of the Answer:

‘…It was a bit of a grey area in the guidance. We have passed to someone higher up and they confirm that you can claim furlough for this period….’

For contractors unsure of their furlough status or whether they can continue to receive furlough payments following the update from HMRC, please contact us or go to your online portal.