Digitised on-boarding process from
pre-employment screening through to real-time compliance renewals

What problem does it solve?

On-boarding is critical to any hirer of contingent workers. But it’s also time-consuming, often paper-based and a hassle for everyone. It can take weeks to get a contractor cleared and ready for placement. People Compliance changes all of that.

How does it work?


People Compliance uses facial recognition software and digital upload of documents to capture a contractor’s details right from their smartphone. Each stage is managed through an intuitive app, making it quick and simple.


Following the upload of documents into the People Compliance platform, the system begins an automatic verification process, digitally linking with the multi-source identity authentication sources. People Compliance radically reduces waiting-times from weeks to days.


Verification results are documented and summarised, allowing an informed go/no-go decision to be made.

Transforming the experience

Configured to your required needs and specifications, the People Compliance platform can work independently with your CMS or, for enhanced contractor engagement, it seamlessly integrates into the People Engage App. This delivers a fully integrated end-to-end worker journey.

Confidence through the entire journey

Assured compliance

  • Full verification processes

  • Digitally automated real-time checks

  • Facial recognition & digital capture of documents

  • Multi-factor with multi-source identity authentication

  • Configurable for audit and GDPR compliance requirements

On-going risk mitigation

  • Expiry and review date alerts & warnings

  • On-boarding and off-boarding automated reference checks

  • Full audit documentation & change log

  • Secure online storage centre

  • Service support team for escalation to manual processing where required


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