Charteris Management Ltd Added To HM Revenue & Customs List

Today (Thu 24th Nov) Charteris Management Ltd have been added to the ever-growing HM Revenue & Customs named tax avoidance schemes, promoters, enablers and suppliers list taking the total to 26.

HM Revenue & Customs are turning the heat up on schemes, promoters, enablers and suppliers as they work to protect the industry from these companies and collect much needed tax revenue.

However, HM Revenue & Customs would expect to see agencies take reasonable steps to prevent the facilitation and payment of these entities.

Professional Recruiters should incorporate these checks into their due diligence process without delay.

During recent discussions with our point of contact in HM Revenue & Customs it has become clear that even more enforcement action is to follow.

This is a big step in the right direction to: tighten enforcement of non-compliance, encourage best practice amongst contractors + agencies, and ultimately remove rogue operators.

Any agency or contractor that is with us at People Group Services are always in safe hands. We’re 100% UK owned and operated, with decades of experience in delivering award winning compliant contractor solutions.

We’ve repeatedly proven our contractor focussed culture – being the first intermediary to deliver furlough payments is a recent example.

Whether you’re employed and paid through People PAYE or People Umbrella we only offer compliant, reliable, accurate, and straightforward solutions for contractors.

If any of these issues are a cause for concern, then give us a call. We do have an HMRC reviewed and recognised solution.

We will continue to update our agencies and contractors on this list.