We’ve updated our holiday policy

In response to contractor feedback we’re updating our holiday policy. At present the holiday year in all contracts of employment runs from 06 April to 05 April to mirror the tax year. As a business we employ a large number of contractors in the education sector who found that the timing of Easter holidays made it difficult to utilise all of their holiday entitlement. Most contractors would normally take holiday in the summer months irrespective of the sector they work in.

Listening to our contractors

Having listened to our contractor’s request we have decided to change the holiday year so that it runs between 01st September and 31st August in each year. This should enable all of our contractors to book their holiday at times when they are not otherwise working and it also mirrors the main periods for school holidays.

When will it change?

This change will take effect from 01st March 2020.

What about holiday already accrued?

Any holiday that has been accrued for the current holiday year (06/04/2019 – 05/04/2020) does not have to be used by the 5th April 2020 and can be used up to the 31st August 2020.

General guidance for claiming holiday

Please note that holiday should be taken at times when contractors are not otherwise working. This is to comply with the statutory requirements of annual holiday. It may also be more tax efficient for them to do this.

Please also note that holiday should be taken in the year of accrual and cannot normally be carried forward or paid in lieu, except in limited circumstances. Any untaken holiday accrued in the year that the employment terminates will be paid with the final payslip, this applies only to holiday for that holiday year not for previous years.

Need more information?

If you have any questions please email clientcare@peoplegroupservices.com

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