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Change is one of those things that unsettles people, particularly when it involves pay. Sometimes it’s just easier to stick with what you know, even if you could get a better service elsewhere. However, at People Group we’ve helped hundreds of recruitment agencies and contractors switch payroll provider. We’ve invested considerable time over the past 15 years making the process as seamless and simple as possible.

By reviewing our payroll, we’ve significantly improved our cash flow, increased contractor loyalty and reduced our payroll enquiry levels by 90%

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    Umbrella payroll

    The industry standard. As an outsourced alternative to PEO and agency PAYE, umbrella payroll gives you the freedom to concentrate on your business. Understood by contractors and provided with the full benefits package, it’s a reliable and rewarding option.

    PEO (PAYE) payroll

    Simplicity at its finest. Full PAYE with all benefits, no fee and simple payslips. Not to mention complete transparency, supply chain security and efficiency tools. PEO protects your business on all fronts and is the preferred payroll option for contractors.

    People Payroll

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    Transforming paper into pixels

    The award winning People Compliance system is designed to get contractors cleared for work more efficiently, freeing up time and resources for recruitment agencies. Proven to reduce time to hire by up to 60% our compliance software provides instant oversight and management of any candidates’ compliance credentials at the touch of a button.

    Free compliance software

    The People Compliance software can be provided free of charge in conjunction with placing candidates on a People Pay product* (PEO/Umbrella).

    People Compliance

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    Start with a free review

    If you aren’t sure of the best payroll or compliance option or just want a reliable and professional payroll provider we’ll be happy to help. People Group offer a free no obligation payroll and compliance review to help you understand the best options for growth and to show you the efficiency savings you could be making.

    Tailored options

    We appreciate that the one size fits all approach doesn’t always apply. Tell us about your specific payroll and compliance processing needs and we’ll be happy to discuss a bespoke solution.

    Business analysis

    *Terms and conditions apply

    People Group make switching payroll provider easy

    At every stage of the payroll switching process we work with you, making sure your contractors have the information they need and you know exactly where we’re up to.


    From creating email messages & timed telephone calls to dedicated landing pages and follow up service, we’ll deliver the right communications package to support you and your workers.


    Swift onboarding either by phone at prearranged times or fully online. We keep the process as simple as possible with a constant focus on maintaining our service level for hassle-free switching to People Pay.

    Pay and Benefits

    Award winning payroll with all tax and NI taken at source and reported via RTI to HMRC. Pension options for contractors, statutory & holiday pay with a great set of benefits via the My Wallet Rewards platform.

    Total Support

    Dedicated account manager to oversee the process with ongoing efficiency reviews and HR support. Experienced customer service and registration teams backed up with online resources and tools.

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