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As of 6 April 2022 IR35 legislation, which came into force for the private sector last year, is now being enforced by HMRC.

For recruitment agencies, this could mean a significant penalty of £000’s, if it is deemed that the decisions or implementation have been ‘careless’.  Businesses should have been giving their rules of engagement for contracting professionals more scrutiny anyway over the last year, but now the period of ‘soft landing’ is well and truly over, it’s certainly time to take action.

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Are you prepared if you receive a compliance check letter from HMRC?

Organisations are starting to receive letters from HMRC which look at whether the business is applying the off-payroll working (IR35) rules correctly and operating PAYE where applicable.

HMRC specialists will open a compliance check to investigate the business which will involve scrutiny across all operations looking at both disclosed and undisclosed material. Their letter states, ‘I may also use ‘open source material’ as part of my check. This is internet data which is available to anyone, such as news reports, internet sites, Companies House and Land Registry records, blogs and social networking sites (where no privacy settings have been applied). HMRC may observe, monitor, record and retain ‘open source material.’

For more information, you can download the full compliance check letter here (source: www.gov.uk).

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